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Prayers for independence
posted by: Christine on 1/3/2020

Please pray with me I'll find an affordable, furnished room to rent long-term--and SOON!! I've been homeless for well over a year. I need a place I can afford, close to my job. I am having so much difficulty also in finding a potential landlord who is trustworthy and honest, and not a scammer/pervert. I'm lucky if I get replies anymore from my online ads I keep renewing. Please pray with me....thank you!!! :)
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posted by: MIKE IFEANYI BROWNE on 12/19/2019

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Worry, stress, fear
posted by: Christine on 12/17/2019

Please pray with me I'll not fall back into emotional illness again! I'm afraid the negative environment I'm living in is starting to affect me in a bad way. That's my worst fear. Having to live with someone (a family member) always calling me bad names, and accusing me of things I've never done to her, is getting more and more difficult to bear. I have no one to turn to who can help. I have no privacy, even just to talk to a counselor on the phone! I'm not having any luck finding an affordable room close to my job...I pray I will find something descent and affordable even though I live in an expensive area. I pray for God's protection too, in case I have to leave and live in a homeless shelter.
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Need prayers for protection and peace of mind.
posted by: Nicole on 12/11/2019

My name is Nicole. I need peace of mind. I angered some women who practice witchcraft, now they hate me. I am afraid they wish me and my husband (Dan) harm. I know they wish for my marriage to fail, and it is... I need any spells they put on us lifted, and for protection for us both. Thank you
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posted by: Claudio on 12/8/2019

Prayer Request: PRAYER ORDERS FAMILY FINANCE RELATIONS RELEASE DELIVERANCE HEALTH EMOTIONAL AND FAMILY RESTORATION; Rupture of generational curses on my life and my family's life. Family members given for adoption for 3 generations. Finding maternal grandmother Dora Gómez- --FINANCE: of new job and business opportunities, debt cancellation, acquired commitments ——- JUDICIALS: Resolution of legal proceedings and files concerning occupational disease and real estate scam —– RELATIONSHIPS Away from inopportune and bad people who are not a blessing to my life --RELEASE.LIBERATION DELIVERANCE breaking ties and pacts made with the enemy in his youth due to ignorance of the Word of GOD MARIA GOMEZ, DORA GOMEZ --HEALTH. Restoration male reproductive system, urinary tract, endocrinological system , PRAYER FOR CLAUDIA AND AMERICA GUANUCO —— EMOTIONAL AND FAMILY RESTORATION; Rupture of generational curses on their lives FINANCES: Opening of new work and business opportunities, cancellation of debts, acquired commitments. Collection of monies owed —– RELATIONSHIPS Away from inopportune and bad people who are not a blessing to their lives ——SANITY Restoration female reproductive system glandular system, biological clock ------HEALTH. Emotional and spiritual healing -------- RELEASE - LIBERATION DELIVERANCE -Breaking of ties and ligatures made in the Andes Mountains. Bindings and ties that prevent the arrival of Blessings into their lives. Claudio S. Gómez Balcarce 1360 Barrio El Pilar (4400) Salta Argentina
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posted by: Magdalena Lovejoy on 12/5/2019

please pray to Jesus that Viola Cleo Bradshaw and Magdalena Lovejoy and Charlie Taillard are healed of violence and violation and of abuse in our brain and mind muscles and heal our eyes and pray that the life force energy of the sun shines in me and pray for Dr. Luc Brisson's soul and Bruce Bradshaw and Cordelia Inge Bradshaw's soul so we have peace and pray for peace for Canadian citizens of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and pray to have my cat Kildy go to heaven and be healed. Thank you, Magdalena Lovejoy
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posted by: Imani Wiley on 12/1/2019

1. To finish all my novels by deadline and Gods blessing over them all 2. Write productively 6 hours every day with no distractions 3. To have faith and hope and strength and self control to finish each novel 4. To write well
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posted by: Sathish on 11/24/2019

Pray for my money this day.
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posted by: Tish on 11/20/2019

Please pray we can get a home soon and keep working at my job and that my daughter finacial aid situation works out soon
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great needs
posted by: on 11/19/2019

Please once again pray for Jay and Lima and their kids, grandkids, large extended families. Pray God will help all of them in all of these areas: (1) for strong, loving, respectful relationships with Jesus, each other and all (2) calling/purposes of God/work/employment (3) healing, deliverance, health and protection (4) help to overcome all obstacles and ALL of the great difficulties they are facing in life (5) to live by great faith that moves mountains, but to have God’s peace at all times (6) for favor with God and people and with those they need this favor with (7) for God to work NOW and endlessly so that each life will truly be defined as Holy Spirit-led and Holy Spirit-filled (8) pray specifically for all the children that God will put in them a DEEP desire to KNOW Jesus, and also to LOVE parents, and older grandparents. Pray God will deliver them from all hypoglycemia, all disrespect and selfishness in relationship to parents and others and deliver them from all mental difficulties, emotional irrationalities and imbalances, and from all the things that keep them from KNOWING Jesus and from being very good sons and daughters… and that God will do these things as FAST as possible, and protect them. *** And pray for me and Belo and all descendants that God will give us a GREAT relationship with Jesus, each other and the people God has for our lives, always filled with love and peace. Pray God will help us to always pray and read the Bible together every day AND to live out what is written in the Bible, without pressure, and just with God’s Presence and peace at all times. Pray God will also lead us forward in our call and purposes that GOD made us for, individually and mutually *** Last, pray God will draw all the hearts of the people of the USA, Argentina, Islas Malvinas and world to come to truly KNOW Jesus in a saving, peaceful and very loving way, and that God will move powerfully by the Holy Spirit in the people of and visiting these nations. Pray God will put on the hearts of all the Christians and churches to consistently pray and stay in prayer too, in these nations, especially in the churches in the areas where we live. Thanks
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