Pastor Gilbert Helps Rid The Community Of Crime

September 6, 2011

A Clean Sweep in PSA 603

On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, clean and clutter-free streets along the 4400-4500 blocks of Gault Place, NE were the welcome result of the hard work and initiative of Operation Fight Back. Sixth District Commander Willie Dandridge, along with Ward 7 Neighborhood Services Coordinator Rose Money, a posse of officers, and dozens of city workers coordinated a "clean sweep" of abandoned vehicles.

Over 35 vehicles were towed and debris was removed from the 4400 blocks of Hayes Street and Hunt Place, NE. Channel 5 TV camera crews and David A. Fahrenthold, from the Washington Post, were on hand to record and report on this event.

Complaints about abandoned cars have been at an all-time high in the past year. About 8,000 cars were impounded last year. Unfortunately, many more–probably several thousand–remain abandoned along streets, park and river banks. Rose Money stated that 73 percent of the calls from citizens to her office are about abandoned autos.

In addition to vehicles being towed and streets being cleaned, numerous arrests were made. Included were several individuals with outstanding warrants and one with a murder charge. Police officers passed out flyers to residents declaring a Drug Free Zone and flyers were left in the doors of persons not at home.

Not all of the residents were happy about this event, but Rev. George C. Gilbert Sr., pastor of the Holy Trinity United Baptist Church, viewed these events as a blessing. Rev. Gilbert had been calling PSA 603 Lt. Jonathan Munk, and other district agencies about the abandoned cars for several months. He arrived on site to witness the abandoned autos being towed away, and was happy to learn that the streets are safer because of the arrests that had been made