Progressive National Baptist Convention


PNBC mission's department goal is to reach the world with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. This department takes a holistic approach to ministry by ministering to the mind, body, and soul of people around the world. The mission's department is involved in changing people's condition by helping them to encounter the living Christ and to show them a better way to life and liberty. Efforts to attain this goal are done through education, medical services, and economic development.

In Kenya, PNBC has partnered with Dr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson who oversees two ministries, Overcoming Faith Baptist Schools and A Prepared Place. Overcoming Faith Baptist Schools provide a nurturing environment for children orphaned by AIDS/HIV, provides AIDS/HIV Education, and provides free medical services and referrals, servers as a conduit of Hope for Children in the jaws of controversy and discrimination. A Prepared Place provides alternatives to the street life by providing medical services, street evangelism, counseling, educational support, water resource and economic development for the families and children in transition.